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RFP#19-02 -Request for Proposals for Sidewalk Installation – Responses Due August 5, 2019 at 12 Noon

July 2, 2019

Request for Proposals

Bruce Street Sidewalk Construction Project – RFP #19-02


The City of Lithonia, Georgia is requesting proposals for the construction of concrete sidewalks along Bruce Street from the driveway apron of the Bruce Street Park sign to Bruce Court; and from Bruce Court to Pendley Street.  In accordance with requirements of the City of Lithonia and the State of Georgia; all submitted proposals shall include the E-verify or exemption affidavit form.

Scope of Work

This project will consist of sidewalk construction for approximately 493.5 feet x 4’ wide from the driveway apron of the Bruce Street Park sign to Bruce Court; and from Bruce Court to Pendley Street on the on the southern side of Bruce Street.

The contractor shall be responsible for the removal of the existing asphalt sidewalk, grading, compacting, forming, pouring and finishing of concrete, installing necessary topsoil and grassing to restore any disturbed area to its original condition, removal and replacement of any disturbed shrubbery and clean up.

The contractor shall comply with all ADA requirements and will also be responsible for the:

  • Installation of two (2) ADA ramps, one at each corner of Bruce Street and Bruce Court;
  • Installation of three (3) ADA ramps, one each at the corner between Bruce Court and Pendley Street;
  • Repair approximately 4 feet x 6 feet section of sidewalk near the culvert north of the Park driveway apron; and
  • Install a 4 feet section of sidewalk that factors in two utility poles and a depressed area near a culvert located between Bruce Street Park and Pendley Street.

There are three (3) components to this project:  (1) a new sidewalk to from the Bruce Street Park driveway apron to the recently installed drainage area; (2) from the newly installed sidewalk from the drainage area to Bruce Court; and (3) from Bruce Court to Pendley Street.


The contractor shall be responsible for furnishing all materials and labor to complete the project, and shall coordinate construction dates and times with the appropriate City of Lithonia personnel.

All work must be approved prior to the release of payment.  All work is expected to be completed within 30 days after a notice to proceed has been issued, pending any unnatural weather occurrence.

All work shall conform to federal, state and local requirements and regulations.

This project is partially funded with GDOT LMIG funds.

 Contact with the City of Lithonia

Questions concerning the requirements, specifications or scope of services shall be directed to LaThaydra Sands, City Administrator or Quinton Monson, Public Works Director at (770) 482-8136.  Questions can also be directed to LaThaydra Sands by email at or by fax at 678-526-0252.

Pre-bid Meeting

A pre-bid meeting will be held at City Hall, 6920 Main Street, Lithonia, Georgia 30058 in the council chamber on Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 10:00 am.  Interested contractors may attend this meeting.  This is not mandatory.


No verbal or written information that is obtained other than through this RFP shall be binding on the City of Lithonia.  No employee or representative of the City is authorized to interpret any portion of this RFP or give information as to the requirements of the RFP.

Submission of Proposals

Sealed proposals shall be submitted no later than Monday, August 5, 2019 at 12:00 pmProposals delivered after this date and time will not be considered.  The sealed proposals will be opened at 12:15 pm at the following location:

City of Lithonia

Council Chamber

6920 Main Street

Lithonia, GA 30058

Interested contractors should submit (3) copies of the proposal with the required attachments in a sealed envelope to the City of Lithonia, 6920 Main Street, Lithonia, GA 30058 and clearly marked on the outside, “RFP #19-02-  Sidewalk Project.”

Upon award, the contractor shall enter into a contract with the City of Lithonia for services specified in this RFP.  Approved Performance and Payment Bonds for 100% of the bid amount will be required from the successful bidder and must be provided to the City within ten (10) days of being notified of the award.

Selection Criteria

  1. The skill, experience, training of the persons who will be performing the services requested
  2. Prior experience
  3. The degree of responsiveness to this request for proposals
  4. Project costs



2019 LMIG – RFP19-02 Bruce Street Phase II

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